Belgarden brings to you organic beverages in the European art of crafting wholesome organic goodness - from farm to bottle.

Belgarden Elderflower is a 100% organic beverage with four pure ingredients

• Handpicked organic Belgian elderflowers
• Organic agave nectar
• Organic lemon juice

• Purest spring water

100% organic:

Belgarden elderflower is not filtered and has natural sediment which will disappear by shaking the bottle or it will dissolve when placed in the refrigerator. Please shake the bottle as well to mix all the elderflower goodness. It is all natural!

This is all part of the natural goodness that is a testimony to its 100% organic character.

Excellent cocktail mixer

- Mix with dry white wine (ratio 1 : 1)
- Add to gin, vodka, rum or tonic for a great cocktail.

- Perfect for an elderflower sangria or elderflower punch

- Also great in combination with tea

- Elderflower gin cocktail:

  2 parts Belgarden + 1 part gin (prerrably a floral or citrus gin). We like double gold Belgin Fresh Hop gin.


- Ederflower is known for its delicate, almost floral vanilla taste. It is very genteel and pleasant

Serving ideas:

- Serve chilled over ice or with some slices of lemon or mint leaves

​- This product makes a GREAT riff on the traditional "Arnold Palmer" tea-lemonade drink. Just take 50% Belgarden and add it to 50% unsweetened tea (preferable fresh-brewed). Serve over ice. The light sweetness of the agave nectar perfectly complements the herbal notes of the tea.
Add some gin, rum or vodka for simple and tasty cocktail. Green Tea is also a nice option.

So pure, it stays fresh for 2 years.

- No additives
- No preservatives
- With Agave nectar
- All natural
- Non carbonated

- Non GMO
- Vegan
- Gluten free
- Nothing artificial
- Non-alcoholic

Belgarden originates from the picturesque farming regions of central Belgium, famous for its fertile grounds and beautiful orchards. There are an abundance of elderflowers as they are native to Belgium

Belgarden Organic Beverages

Organic elderflower goodness

from farm to bottle